The Put Others First Project-An Idea Birthed from Handing Over a Krispy Kreme Box

DogoodToday I have a terrible cold. My nose is watering so much I have a drip pan underneath it. I had to take my Autistic daughter to a therapy appointment this morning and was not happy about it. My hair looked like I put my finger in an electric outlet, I was too tired to put any makeup on, and I don’t even think my outfit matched. Yet I remembered a blog post I’d read last night from a woman my age who is dying from breast cancer. She posts a picture on Instagram every evening with those who are coming to visit her who show her love in her hospital room before she tries to go to sleep. She has a husband and four young children. This woman longs for life, for time, for health. Yet she still praises God for everything she has and manages to be thankful. I thought of her this morning as I headed to my daughter’s Dr. appointment and I pressed through my misery. At least I am alive and get to go to Dr. appointments with my daughter.

We always get Krispy Kreme’s after the appointments. Today I uncharacteristically bought a whole box because I wanted to sit in bed with coffee and doughnuts. I figured since I’m sick I might as well enjoy it. I hit my favorite drive-through coffee shop, Dutch Bros., on my way home. When it was my turn at the window, the young male barista who knows me and what I like to drink glanced in my car and exclaimed, “Yum. You’re so lucky. I love Krispy Kremes.” I eyed my Krispy Kreme box and looked through the drive-through window. Four other young baristas were diligently making coffee while two others were standing in the rain taking orders from people sitting in their nice and warm cars. I decided right there I would never miss an opportunity to make some else’s life better. I handed the whole box to the boy and said, “These are for all of you. From the Put Others First Project.”

This is how a movement in my heart started. From a moment of inspiration I had today. That turned into a website. That will hopefully turn into a global mindset that putting others first will change the world we live in.

Amidst the chaos of the world around me, I realize I can’t immediately change the big bad things in this world. I can’t stop the riots in Ferguson, I can’t release an American pastor imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith, and I can’t prevent innocent children from being killed in third world countries just because they are girls. But I can change my attitude towards others. I can decide in the mundane little choices I make everyday to impact those around me in a positive way. I can make life better for someone else simply by choosing to put my selfishness aside and do something selfless for others. The Put Others First Project is not to glorify me, it’s not to say, “Hey, look what I’m doing!” This movement is about getting yourself and your circle of influence excited about the possibility of making someone else’s life better in the small things. Because it’s the small things that can add up. In a big way. Try it. Be the change you want to see. Because this world needs thought and change leaders like you. Like me. I dare you.

Send me your thoughts about putting others first. I might put them on my new blog, The Put Others First Project.

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